Spiritual developments help boost happiness

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Spiritual developments help boost happiness

Happiness is not only based on money, but also spiritual development. In general, people with higher income are usually happier. Instead, many of the happier people seemed not be satisfied by fancy swimming pools, clothing or vacation homes, what they thought would really make them happy is that holding a good family relationship, etc. The only explanation for this research may be that happiness is not what money can buy. Instead, finding happiness is more about finding the style that we want to live with. “Happiness = What we have/ What we want” (170). The individual variation in desire helps explain why some poor folks are happy while wealthy people are not. What we want seemed decide whether we are happy with our situation or not, and our desire indeed change over time based upon a person experiences and maturity.

Moreover, as people are becoming more and more demanding, they would find out that after obtaining the objects that they want, they would become less satisfied with the object, and then they would began searching some new things that are attractive to them. Graham Hill would be a good example, when he was saying that “I like material things as much as anyone. I studied product design in school…But my experiences show that after a certain point, material objects have a tendency to crowd out the emotional needs they are meant to support” (312), he did realize that material stuff cannot keep our emotional needs for a long time. Actually, Graham did find his way to create his own happiness that are not based on money. As he began living in smaller house, it makes him feel more comfortable. If you want to be happy inside out, you have to develop your spiritual power.

There are also some folks disagree with this statement. Some may claim that “What if you cannot even feed yourself, are you still thinking that spiritual developments can make yourself happy instead of economic basis?”. There is a theory for saying that economic basis determines superstructure though it is still controversial. Well, Rubin kind of agree with this statement. “When money or health is a problem, you think of little else; when it is not a problem, you don’t think much about it. Both money and health contribute to happiness mostly in the negative; the lack of them brings much more unhappiness than possessing them brings happiness.” (294). She regards money as a necessity for happiness, and did not seem to consider spiritually developments as a portion of consisting happiness.

So far, although we still consider that spiritual developments are more important for determining our happiness, many people still believe that money is a elements for maintaining a happy life.

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