Is there any great experiences that if any of the student join will like and enjoy?

News Article

Photography club

Morgantown is a beautiful small town that not a lot of people know what’s beautiful inside Morgantown as I explore photography club I see that they have so many photo’s pictures of beautiful Morgantown. Not a lot of people heard of photography club and I believe that being a member in photography club gives experience for taking good pictures and also looking at things in a perspective way. And also gives you an experience to know so many places. I would want to interview the president of photography club Logan Mcmasters and I will ask him few questions about what experience have people got from joining the club, I will also be asking him what’s the requirement to join the club? Is there any great experiences that if any of the student join will like and enjoy?. I actually didn’t learn anything except that we have photography club that I am really interested in and I would love to learn so many experinces from it. I don’t have any barriers to achieving this story it was easy going and I’m waiting to interview President Logan to ask him questions about the club.

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