Issues and ethics in counseling

Professional Issues and Ethics in Counseling and Clinical Psychology Spring 201 6 STEPS TO FOLLOW FOR THE CASE STUDY 1) You take the role of the psychologist who is working with a client and during one of your sessions the client tells you something that represents an ethical dilemma. You describe the case. 2) Present (identify) the dilemma (e.g. to break confidentiality about teenage pregnancy knowing that the minor is threatening to commit suicide if you do). You tell me why this is a dilemma, which principle(s) and standards from the APA Code of Ethics it violates. 3) You present the literature that deals with related issues (e.g. what the literature says about confidentiality with minors, what it says about teenage pregnancy and risk of suicide). 4) You choose a model of ethical decision making (your choice). You (a) present the model and (b) follow the steps of the model to solve the specific case. 5) You reach to a conclusion as to how you would solve your dilemma, after you have followed the steps of the model you chose, which is what you would decide to do if you really had such a case. 6) You describe how you would implement your decision (i.e. how you would discuss it with the client and what steps you would follow after that, e.g. contact the parent or not… and why). 7) You describe your own process, struggles, value conflicts, difficulties, or how easy and pleasant it was for you to come to this decision and why. Remember that every step of this process is very important and is marked accordingly, so do not skip any of the above steps. If you have any questions during your process of doing this paper you may e-mail me or come to my office to discuss it. Enjoy the process!

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