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MAN-373: MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATIONS Final Project: Case Analysis Students Please Note: This assignment must be submitted to turnitin.com. Reference the “Turnitin Requirement” section of the course Syllabus (or Using Turnitin for Assignments on the Topic List Page) for general instructions. Upload both your assignment and the originality report within the Final Project assignment link. OVERVIEW This course requires you to submit an original case analysis as a culminating activity. This professional report, written in either APA format, demonstrates your ability to apply course concepts. The final project requires a review of a managerial communication system in the form of a case study. You will make appropriate recommendations for improvements and detail problem resolutions. The case study features an analysis of the organizational practices of either a profit or not-for-profit workplace. The analysis of this workplace is based primarily on the topics and issues presented in Chapters 8-11 and 13 of the required textbook. A primary objective of this activity is to develop a scenario based on managerial communication topics, create analysis questions based on findings, provide answers for issues under investigation, and ultimately offer recommendations concluding with a resolution of communication weaknesses. The “Case Analysis Strategies for Success” section of this page provides important advice and direction relative to a superior final product. DIRECTIONS Step 1: Select the Organization. Your first step will be to choose an organization on which to base the project. There are four possibilities: Use your current organization. When selecting an organization, be sure that you will be able to assess the communication to a degree whereby you could make managerial recommendations. For example, this project could not be completed if the depth and breadth of interaction consists simply of arguing with a department store manager over the return of an unwanted item. Should you have any concerns about your choice, contact the course mentor and dialog about your intended organization before beginning this project. Step 2: Review communications and identify issues within the organization. The next step in producing a case analysis involves reviewing the workplace communications while keeping in mind the key concepts in textbook chapters 8-11 and 13. Particularly, identify practices that could be improved and issues that need resolution. Step 3: Develop a scenario and relevant questions. Once a preliminary analysis is complete, formulate a workplace situation centered on managerial communications. Construct a scenario focusing on problematic practices and issues. The scenario must conclude with a series of questions relating to the issues, concerns, and problems that are ultimately addressed within this study. These questions are a critical part of the case because they reflect a grasp of key concepts covered in the course material as well as your ability to apply the theory learned to achieve practical solutions. The answers to the questions form the main body of the managerial report. Formulate your answers applying the theories, information, and vocabulary learned in the course modules. Remember that the true subject of this final project is managerial communications; the scenario serves only as a vehicle for the report, i.e., an example that allows you to demonstrate competency in achieving the learning objectives of this course. Do not allow the organization itself to become the subject of the final report. NOTE: Module 5 requires the submission of a preliminary outline of your project (describing the scenario, the questions under development for the case analysis, and the managerial communication theory that assists in answering these questions). Step 4: Formulate recommendations for resolution of issues. Throughout the course, review case questions and formulate recommendations aimed at resolving the identified problems and issues. There is no specific length for the case analysis; nevertheless, you should aim to answer each question as thoroughly as possible. For information on how the report should be structured, see the section below called, “Case Analysis Structure.” For information on how the project is to be evaluated for a grade, see the section below called, “Assessment Guidelines for Your Case Analysis.” Case Analysis Structure The completed case analysis must be in APA format and requires the following: Title page; one that includes your name, title of the report, date, course code, and name of the course mentor. Introduction to the case analysis. The main body, clearly explaining analysis and details of the problem-solving process used to reach the recommendations for a solution. Remember that the case study focus is on demonstrating competency in managerial communications, not to provide a description of an organization. Recommendations for the case solution, i.e., a solution derived from a methodical analysis of the pertinent questions. References page in APA format. Case Analysis Strategies for Success Before completing this analysis, you must master the course material presented in the course activities, especially content related to chapters 8-11 and 13. Written Assignment 3 is designed to be helpful in preparing a final project. The assignment provides an opportunity to become familiar with the problem-solving process of analyzing a case for an equitable resolution. Be mindful that the final project must address the purpose of this course; do not allow content to drift into elaborate explanations of the selected organization. Identify a clear statement of purpose and scope. Write in a professional style, i.e., formal third-person format. Avoid first-person writing as it suggests bias and opinions rather than facts. Do not allow business reporting to become conversational, biased, or informal. Proofread and copyedit the document thoroughly. Proper grammar and sentence structure contribute to an impression of competence and integrity. Use proper APA in-text citation formats. Assessment Guidelines for the Final Project This case analysis is evaluated in accordance with a rubric that can be found in the Evaluation Rubrics folder. Review this rubric and keep the criteria in mind when preparing and submitting the final project.
2Genre and Market Research
1. Explain how record sales are doing in your artist’s genre.
2. Explain how live performance ticket sales are doing in your artist’s genre.
3. What forms of radio have a likelihood of playing this style of music? Also include what radio format (programming) would your artist’s music fall under.
4. Think back to classes you have had that discussed marketing research. Describe the demographics of the average member of your target market.
5. Describe the lifestyle of the average member of the target market.
6. What other entertainment media is your target market likely to spend money on? EX. Video games, film, cable TV etc. Be specific!
7. Based on the above research, how will you get the artist in front of the appropriate target market? (besides through social media and internet radio).

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