J.F.K International Airport (NY)

J.F.K International Airport (NY)
The Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning & Engagement
Some additional notes regarding the BH7635 assignment
Why might research-based models be a good place to look for new approaches? What advantages do they offer over consultancy models, at least in principle? (i.e. quality of research; validity of measurement instruments). Demonstrate awareness of and knowledge about current research-based models – is there a consensus, or is the field characterized by debate, ambiguity? What are the characteristics of the model (or models) you have chosen to focus on? Why did you choose this/these model(s) (consider issues of research quality, and practicability)? How might this improve management of ‘engagement’ or organizational learning and knowledge management? Finally, to what extent does this offer additional opportunities to improve ‘engagement’ or organizational learning and knowledge management?
In terms of the assignment criteria:
– Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key features of research-based knowledge about ‘engagement’.
o Two broad approaches / sets of models
? Current state of debate
• Calls for developing Kahn
• Concerns about the UWES despite its dominance
o Various definitions
o Two or more measures
? Some well documented; others not
o Research based vs consultancy models and measures
? Quality of research underlying consultancy models unclear
? Research based measures
• Clearly validated
• Perhaps difficult to use
• No benchmarks
? Consultancy measures
• Poor / no information on scale development and scale consistency (Cronbach’s alpha)
• Some clearly developed from other measures (e.g. commitment)
• Provide benchmarking information – within the consultancy database
o Model(s) chosen
? described
? rationale (can be research-based or practical – but a rationale given)
• performance related evidence (i.e. this model proven to positively influence important performance criteria)
? limitations (show awareness)
? how might this approach improve engagement management?
? How might this approach also contribute to improving knowledge management and organizational learning?

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