just answering some questions in one or two sentences of a template

What I have to finish is just the outline of a template for MUN Background Guide, the content is just answering some questions in one or two sentences, no writing skill is needed. I have already finished some of them, but I need help of the rest. Also, I will provide a sample of it.

The most important thing is those answers should be taken from the facts and history, (you have to search informations online), such as official UN documents, like https://www.un.org/en/ga/cpc/previous.shtml, flag publicans, or some NGO publicans. The citation is also significant. Common citation can just be a quick link, the citation of official UN documents need to follow a form of “Author.(Year).Title.Retrieved Day Month Year from: URL”. You can find instances in the sample I provide.

(I guess what you need to write won’t be more than 2 pages in total. You just need to follow the letter size and line space in the template itself. Again, just searching informations and answer question. No writing skill is needed!!!)

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