Lab Assignment

). Cover Sheet (10 Points)
(2). Outline (10 Points)
(3). Reference List, APA style (10 Points)
(4). Go to and click on Find Support, then Legal Support.

Scan, summarize and state your personal reaction to the information at that web site. Attempt to gain information from that site that could apply to yours or a clients use of it in the area in which you might live or work. Summarize what you found. State how you think you could use this information to assist clients with mental disorders, and howuseable you think this site would be if a client him/herself attempted to use it. (10 Points)
(5). Find a second source of legal information/support (written, web based, text, flyer, handout etc) as it relates to persons with mental disorder. Identify the source, and summarize your findings. Compare the site information and the information found at the second source. Which is more helpful to a professional seeking information? Which is more helpful to a client with a mental disorder seeking information? Give justification for your opinion. (10 Points)
(6). Conduct a search for information that would be specifically helpful to a family member of a person with mental illness. Identify 5 non-duplicated sources to which they could go for helpful information. Types to consider: web, text, group-self help or professional, organizational, educational, treatment facility, individual counselors. (10 Points)
(7). Conduct a search – library, law, local court system, lawyer, online, or other professional resource, for the laws that prevail in a state of your choice regarding the issues of: (20 Points)

Does the Tarasoff, or Duty to Warn, ruling apply in that state?
Is there a difference in application of the Tarasoff, or Duty to
Warn, ruling for counselors with certain
Credentials, psychiatrists/psychologists, the paraprofessional, members of the clergy?
Cite and summarize your sources.
(8). Describe the criteria for Civil AND Criminal Commitment in that state. If one is committed in that state, can the client be mandated to take/be given medication against his/her will? Cite and summarize your sources for this information. (10 Points)
(9). Find a case example that clearly exemplifies an issue surrounding the use of an Insanity Defense; Civil or Criminal Commitment; Duty to Warn; The Right to Treatment or The Right to Refuse Treatment for a Mental Disorder; OR Research Participants’ Rights. You may use a library search, web site, or educational film for this case. (Do NOT use your textbook for the case). If you use a case that is reported in a newspaper or popular magazine, you must follow it up with professional resources as well.
Identify the sources you are using (web site, article, book, film) and write the following about that account.

Identify the issue of your choice from the list above.
Write a summary of the case and outcome of the case.
State when the case occurred, how long it was deliberated, what the outcome of that case is presently.
Describe your personal reaction to the case and to the outcome.
Identify whether you agree with the outcome, why, or what you think should have been the outcome and why.
Select one professional in the field of mental health and one peer with whom to discuss this case and your findings.-Identify the professional by name if they agree to being identified, their credentials, job etc., and why you chose them to complete this part of the assignment. This can be done in an interview, or by correspondence, email etc. If it is in an interview, keep these things in mind and then state how you accomplished the following: introduce yourself and your status as a student at CTC in the Mental Health program, or taking a course, pursuing (your) degree; prepare to thank the individual or entity for participating in your assignment; consider how you will dress.

Describe the peer you chose name only if they agree to being identified, age, if in school, what major, job etc., and why you chose them to complete this part of the assignment. Keep in mind the issues stated above.
Describe fully each of their reactions to the case and to the outcome. Identify whether they agreed with the outcome, why, or what they thought the outcome should have been and why.
State what you learned through this research that will help you in your chosen career field. (10 Points)

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