Leadership Capacity Building Professional Plan

This assessment measures your achievement of the following learning outcomes:
• Critically analyse theories of leadership and management, and their application within a nursing context;
• Evaluate the effectiveness of key leadership and management processes and practices in nursing;
• Critically examine ways in which nursing can impact on contemporary health care leadership and management;

Description: You will evaluate traditional and contemporary leadership theory to generate a conceptual model that contributes to a framework for building leadership capacity and lifelong leadership for quality improvement to advance nursing.
In this assignment you will:
1. Highlight some key issues from your own practice and use leadership theory to construct solutions for the issues you have identified
You will demonstrate:
• A critical analysis of the issues through leadership and management theory
• Ability to apply leadership and management theory throughout your plan and relevant evidence based literature to support solutions your propose
• Provide innovative and creative solutions and introduce these into your practice using both leadership and change theories
• Logical framework through which to present your professional plan (this what I need)
I wrote introduction, issues in my workplace, theories, solution for issues and conclusion.
I require for framework that tools I should use it to build professional plan for my issues in my workplace, as I’m a registered nurse in Children’s Hospital. Please I would like you to write about the appropriate framework for my issues and put it before conclusion.

This information about framework:
Planned change refers to a deliberately engineered change in groups whereby processes are controlled and change is carefully implemented and sustained. A number of tools can be sued to support change. Selection of a particular tool does not guarantee successful change but they do provide a planned approach. Planned change models may be linear and sequential or cyclical in nature when guided by an effective change agent. The theories/ models presented are:
• SWOT analysis
• Stakeholder analysis whereby the focus is on knowing the profile of the people who will be involved in the change process
• Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory (1951) identified three phases through which change must proceed: unfreezing, movement and refreezing
• Lippitt, Watson and Wesltey (1958) extended Lewin’s model to a seven step process that focussed more on the responsibility of the change agent
• Prochaska and DiClement Change Theory recognises that people pass through various stages in a cyclical change process: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance
• Social Cognitive Theory offers change as a personal experience that depends upon self-efficacy and prior experiences
• Theory of Reasoned Action and Planned Behaviourfocuses on the individual’s understanding of the change in relation to themselves and their perceived control over the opportunities, resources and skills necessary to drive the change,
There are numerous models and theories for change but most seem to reflect five functions that are familiar to nurses 1) Planning (including assessment);2) Organising; 3) Implementing; 4) Evaluating; 5) Seeking feedback. Most have a cyclical element to them which ensures the change agent constantly reviews progress and is able to identify driving and restraining forces. Most prominently, authors suggest that communication and shared visions are critical elements for successful change when the human dimension is taken into account. Mechanically or technologically the elements required are effective processes and resources in place to drive the change.

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