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May 10, 2022
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May 10, 2022

Leading Change

Recognition of salient factors that contribute to great leaders is important in establishing among employees the willingness to follow a person through the change process. In this assignment, you will discuss the characteristics that contribute to a person being either a good manager or a great leader.

Consider an organization that employed or is currently employing your services as a nurse. Describe a time when you believe that the organization did a good job of transitioning to a change.

  • Describe the issue that brought about the need for change.
  • Describe the change implemented and how it was implemented.
  • Cite examples that indicate the organization did a good job of transitioning to the change.

Please, use the following information as reference. At least four references are needed.

From your course textbook, The New Leadership Challenge: The Future of Nursing, read the following:

The Nature of Leadership: Distinguishing Leadership From Management

The World and New Leadership: Changing Our Thinking About Leadership

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