For this assignment, please complete the following:

Go to In, use AmJur2d and ALR, and find an article on child custody in each source.
Find a link in at least one of the articles to a statute and case. Briefly explain each article.
Cite the articles, the statute and the case you found linked in the article or articles. Use the Citation Guide embedded in the Paralegal Guide as needed for citing secondary sources.
Include one screen shot from in your essay.
Your paper should be between 2-3 pages

Remember that to load a screen shot into a MS Word document, go to the source, press the Print Scr key on your keyboard, then click on the MS Word document where you want the screen shot and click CTRL and V.

Here is more detail on what the instructor is looking for in this Written Assignment:

Looking for students to demonstrate their understanding of two important secondary legal sources, AmJur2 and ALR. You will be using, which you can get to from Lexis Advance, to find two articles related to child custody.

To clarify, here are the instructions:

Using, find an article in Am.Jur.2d and an article in A.L.R. on child custody. Briefly explain the area of the law covered in each article.
For each of the articles you found, identify at least one statute or case referenced in the article. Briefly describe the topic of law in the statute or issue at hand in the case.
Some reminders when preparing your submission:

Include the citations to all statutes and cases discussed within your narrative and in a separate source list.
Include a screen shot from that’s relevant to this assignment.
Use proper citation form for ALL sources cited in your submission, including the articles, statute, and case.
Use proper form: Introduction, narrative, conclusion, and source list at the end.
Your narrative should be between 2-3 pages
Your screen shot should take up no more than one half of a page.
The statute you cite should be a statute from your own state which would be WISCONSIN!
Please make sure to follow each instruction as this is a huge assignment! If you need access to Lexis please let me know and I will provide you with the information!


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