legal issues case brief 6

Please do a case brief on this case Meaney v. Dever, 326. F3rd 283 (1st Cir. 2003). I have attached a case brief example. Please follow those instruction. Thanks you!

Case briefs will follow the following format (mandatory subheadings)

a. Title and Citation (e.g. Jones v. Smith, 123 F.3d 456 (11th Cir. 2004)

b. Type of Action (e.g. civil suit for money damages for violation of free speech rights)

c. Facts of the case (Discuss relevant facts: What happened? Why is this in court?)

d. Issue(s) (Focus on the issue relevant to this course; refer to the Syllabus as needed)

e. Decision (What is the court’s holding? I.e. how did the court rule?)

f. Reasoning (Why did the court rule the way it did?)

g. Rule of Law (in one sentence, what legal point or principle do we take from this case?)

Length: Not to exceed 1 page

Please make sure the type of action section doesn’t reads as if it were a fact section. Make sure to set forth the Constitutional issue that was reviewed. The contention section should sets forth the argument(s) of the parties. I had attached a sample case brief. Thanks!

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