“Legalizing all drugs of addiction in the US”.

Your assignment this week is to respond to the issue of “Legalizing all drugs of addiction in the US”.

1. Your original discussion board could serve as your introduction to this assignment. It should state your stance and at least two reasons you feel the way you do about legalizing ALL drugs. Your introduction alone is worth 10 points.

2. Devise a list of “pros” and “cons” for the Legalization of Drugs (you need to be able to list a minimum of 2 reasons for each). Use your text, peer-reviewed journals, credible websites, or other sources to help you devise this list. This segment of your response MUST be in column form (a list labeled “pro” & “con” with bullets or numbers below listing your findings, followed by a short commentary or justification supporting your points in a personal reflection on all the reasons listed. This table is worth 60 points (5 for each point and each subsequent justification for each).

3. Upon researching and listing the “pros” and “cons”, detail your final stance (for or against). Did you retain your position or did you change it? Why? (this segment should be at least 1-2 paragraphs) 10 pts for your conclusion. Be sure to write professionally.

4. At the bottom of your post, you must include at least 2 references (ie. the textbook, articles, or internet sites. (5 pts. per reference). Be sure to reference your resources using APA formatting in list-form at the end of your write-up worth 2 pts. References should be on a separate page. 10 pts

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