psychology individual project application of concepts 1
August 20, 2020
workplace environment
August 20, 2020

lesson 12 hr metrics

The eReserve readings for this lesson contain a substantial amount of information related to HR metrics. For this lesson you will write an individual essay of at least 750 words that uses the Lawler and Boudreau 3 step model to analyze three sets of metrics for three of the following six HR functions.

  1. Recruitment and Selection
  2. Compensation
  3. Benefits
  4. Training
  5. Employee Relations
  6. Performance Management

For each of the three functions you choose, you must identify:

  • One metric that represents efficiency;
  • One metric that represents effectiveness; and,
  • One metric that represents impact.

Identify the article in which you found each metric and explain in each case why you believe the metric is an appropriate measure of efficiency, effectiveness or impact. You may not use any metric identified in the Lesson 12 Commentary.

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