LGBTQ Scholarship: What Defines Who You Are? (Essay Sample)

hi there
im applying to get a scholarship. Below is my story, use it or whatever you think is best to answer the scholarship questions. In other words, use some of my personal stories and your own answers, so that I can win the scholarship.
My story
I was born in a third-world country, in Eritrea where homosexuality is not allowed. I was even disowned by my own family and had to leave the country at an early age of 15 to neighbor country, Uganda for safety
and I stayed there with my aunt. As a result, I was damaged emotionally and mentally and ended up to drop out of school and nearly committed suicide. After some time, a friend took me to a hidden LGBTQ youth center in Kampala, due to the same case of homosexuality not being legal and I was able to meet many LGBTQ people and share stories, and I was able to calm my self and focus in my life. Fortunately, I made it to Seattle and worked two jobs while i go to school full time to be able to send money to the hidden youth community, who helped me and improve my future here too. am currently enrolled in a Nursing school at Washington State University. My ultimate goal is to be a psych nurse practitioner and work with LGBTQ community who has been hurt emotionally and mentally as I was, so they can be themselves and be productive citizens. I also want to work as a missionary nurse in a rular part of Eritrea and other African countries with the LGBTQ and educate people about homosexuality including people like my parents. I currently help organize a nonprofit organization in Eritrea to help LGBTQ community by collecting money from people who live here and sending it to Eritrea so the organization can host and educate people who are struggling. Finally, I want to be an activist to legalize homosexuality in Eritrea. I currently receive a loan from financial aid for tuition fee, but I dont receive aid for living and other expense. the bank didn’t approve me for a personal loan so i am forced to get a parttime job. i currently work a certified nurse assistance during the night shift and go to school in the daytime, but its really hard on me because i dont get enough sleep and im not able to focus in my studies. i was involved in a minor accident after i get off from working night and i was driving home, i fell asleep while driving. My family is back in Eritrea, and I have no one to help me. Even tho i dont talk to my parents i sometimes send money to my younger brothers for school fees and food. The financial aid loan i receive for tuition is unsubsidized meaning it has interest and i fear that i will be in a lot of debts by the time i finish school. i also struggle to get money for rent, food, books and transportation transportation.

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