List five funding models by the commonwealth government to the Australian health care system?

List five funding models by the commonwealth government to the Australian health care system?
The five funding models comprise of public hospital, private hospitals, medication, medical services (non-referred), medical services (referred)
Please elaborate on the actual funding model for each you have described.

What are the advantages of private health insurance? You needed to provide 5 examples
Private health insurance enables a patient to either be treated in a private or public hospital as a private patient since Medicare covers the cost.

what are the disadvantages a patient may encounter in the acute public hospitals system? Give 5 examples.
Some of the challenges patients encounter consists of longer waiting queues for treatment?, poor quality care, inadequate healthcare professionals, lack of access to some drugs as well as equity issues (Fleming & Parker, 2012).
Please elaborate on these points to justify your answers as they are not entirely correct. Otherwise, provide 4 other examples.

Please elaborate on this answer.
A). Australian Red Cross
Australian Red Cross is an organization dedicated to helping people in need no matter where they are (Ozolins & Grainger, 2015). Please elaborate

C). Closing the Gap?
Closing the gap is a project started by the government of Australia with an aim of ending the disparity in Australia.Between what demographic of people?

11). as an enrolled nurse what is your role and responsibilities in the health care system?
My role and responsibility is to administering prescribed medicine, monitoring the impact of nursing care as well as assisting with activities of daily living (Hally, 2009).
Please elaborate. Use NMBA or AHPRA as reference points.

12). As an enrolled nurse what strategies would you apply to maintain standards of care within the contemporary health care environment? Provide an example?
To maintain standards of care I would recognize my own level of competence. I would liaise with other professionals to ensure that the patient gets the best possible healthcare (Fleming & Parker, 2012). Please elaborate. How will you ensure the care you deliver is maintaining best practice?

13). provide 2 examples of risk or potential risk, which you as an enrolled nurse would refer to an appropriate health professional?
A patient with a mental illness and another with serious head injuries that require head surgery are some the potential risks that I would refer to an appropriate healthcare professional.
Please elaborate and be more specific. What is the risk. Who would you refer them to?

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