literature review of an application software is functionality or device technology

Your manager has asked you to review the literature on a specific application, information system functionality, device, or patient care technology for your specific population and setting. You will be giving your report to your manager and the administration in a written report and in a narrated presentation.

In Part 1, you will develop a clinical question in PICO format. The question should specify the population (and setting), the intervention (an application, IS functionality, device or technology), and an outcome appropriate for the intervention. The outcomes could be clinical outcomes, financial outcomes, user satisfaction, quality/patient safety outcomes, productivity outcomes, or administrative outcomes. For example, “Does a food diary phone app increase weight loss in postpartum mothers more quickly than other methods of weight loss?” You will submit your initial clinical question at the end of Week 1.

In Part 2, you will develop an initial reference list after searching the Bethel University Library databases. The reference list should include three to five scholarly articles that address the specific population, intervention, and outcome you have chosen. You may need to revise your initial questions depending on the available literature. You will submit your revised clinical question and reference list at the end of Week 2.

In Part 3, you will synthesize the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, draw a conclusion about the consistency of the evidence, and make a recommendation with your rationale on the application, IS functionality, or device/technology as it relates to the outcome(s).

You will submit your final paper at the end of Week 5 and your presentation at the end of Week 4 or in your last class. Include a section in your report on how your faith or ethical perspective influences the use of the technology to improve health outcomes. If you are submitting your presentation at the end of Week 4 in the online section, you presentation will be a preliminary summary of your findings.

The paper should be 4 to 5 pages in APA format and the presentation should be a 5 to 8 minute summary of your paper.

An example of a device or patient care technology would be a fitbit or a new implantable insulin infusion pump; an example of an information system functionality would be a sepsis alert warning system within an electronic health record; an example of an application (software) would be any mobile app on a phone or a game on an iPad. The patient population could be from any setting, such as elderly adults at a clinic, elementary school children, ICU patients, newly diagnosed diabetics, etc. The outcome(s) would be appropriate to the population, setting, and intervention.

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