locating the Nurse Practice Act

Assignment: State Regulations for Advanced Practice Nurses… MY STATE IS GEORGIAAlthough your roles and responsibilities may differ based on your practice setting (think emergency department versus inpatient hospital setting or outpatient specialty medicine clinic), they may also vary depending on the state in which you practice. Because each state has its own laws and regulations that determine the scope of practice for advanced practice nurses, it is your responsibility to understand your own state’s guidelines.

This Assignment involves locating the Nurse Practice Act for your state and reviewing practice guidelines, licensing requirements, and the certification process.
To prepare:
Reflect on the definition and scope of practice of the APRN according to your state.
Consider which state board is responsible for licensure of APRNs. Determine whether your state requires nursing board approval, board of medicine approval, or joint board approval for APRN practice.
Consider the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Drug Schedule categories approved for APRN prescribing. Think about how this might impact your clinical practice.

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