Long Report (2400)

1. Writing an effective thesis.

2. Prepare your annotated bibliography and outline for long report.

– Create a sentence outline, using complete sentences with no defining, no passive voice, and no first/second person. Use declarative sentences of less than 15 words. No questions.

– Create a works cited page of your sources.

– After each source, insert where in the outline you plan to use the material, such as IA, IIB, IVC. You can use one source in multiple sections.

– Do not write a description of the source.

3. Draft of Long Report Assignment

– The draft must be a minimum of 2400 words.

– It must use a minimum of 10 works cited (four from the class readings, six of your own).

– It must have two charts and/or graphs, which you created (do not copy and paste a graph—plagiarism).

– You need to average two citations per page.

– You must prove your own ideas using the ideas and facts of the experts you have read to support your arguments.

– Each requirement is worth as much as a letter grade. Do not cut corners.

Class readings:

1. Capitalism and Inequality.

Attached at attachments

2. Capital in the 21st Century

3. Wealth, Income, and Power.


4. Inequality

5. More Unequal Than You Think

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