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If you quote from the book — and you should be to show your mastery of it — keep your quotes short and to the point. Then cite what you borrow. That is, give your reader a parenthetical citation that contains the author’s name, title of the work, and page number(s).

Avoid unsupported generalizations like the plague. They are the hiding places of ignorance. Show us all that you have mastered the assigned readings and can use what you’ve learned effectively in your answers.

Discussion Questions

  1. Using the Esposito text, which of the Buddha’s teachings are shared with post-Vedic Hinduism? Discuss these linkages.
  2. Why is Buddhism known as the Middle Way? Using our text and your own logic, give at least three reasons and discuss each separately. Use no outside sources, only the Esposito text.
  3. Discuss the state of Buddhism across Asia in the year 750 c.e. using the Esposito text. Contextualize this religion at this time.
  4. How is the Mahar revival of Buddhism in India indicative of the effects of “Protestant Buddhism” and the backlash from the colonial era within the Buddhist world?
  5. What is most confusing for you about Buddhism as a religion? What is most appealing?

PLEASE USE CH. 7 IN THIS BOOK TO QUOTE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS: World Religions Today, Sixth Edition By John L. Esposito, Darrell J. Fasching, and Todd T. Lewis, Oxford University Press

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