MA Scenario -Revised

Attached paper need s to be revised and corrected. Be sure to use correct English, spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format to included cited sources in text body. Your response should be four (5) double-spaced pages. NO PLAGIARISM!

Part A: Kayla Christianson, CMA, has been employed six years by the cardiology practice of three physicians. She is a graduate of a CAAHEP-accredited school. Furthermore, Kayla received extensive hands-on training performing ECGs while doing her required externship.

Kayla has completed an ECG ordered by Dr. Hsu for Mrs. Warner, a 76-year-old patient. Dr. Hsu, Kayla’s boss, has telephoned her explaining that he was behind schedule doing rounds at the hospital. He asked her to do him a favor and interpret Mrs. Warner’s ECG, sign his name, and fax the report to Mrs. Warner’s referring internist who is expecting the results.

Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions.

Your response should be two (2) pages in length.

· Given the scope of Kayla’s education, training, and years of experience as a CMA, would this favor fall within the AAMA guidelines of her responsibilities?

· Would any portion of Dr. Hsu’s request fall within the guidelines? If so, which portion(s)? Is an exception to these guidelines ever allowed?

· How should Kayla respond to Dr. Hsu?

Part B: For more than two years, medical assistant Linda Lewis had been employed by Drs. Norek and Klein, who are gerontologists. Also on staff are two registered nurses, a medical laboratory technician, and a medical social worker. The daughter of one of the doctor’s patients has just called the office. She is very distraught at the seemingly diminished capacity of her mother and insists on speaking to the doctor.

Linda explains that both physicians take only emergency calls during patient appointment hours, but that she will take a detailed message. This caller, however, suggests that not only should her call be considered an emergency, but that she will sue the doctor if the call is not handled accordingly.

Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions.

Your response should be two (2) pages in length.

· What should Linda do immediately to diffuse the situation?

· Is this clearly a case when the call should be passed on to one of the registered nurses or the medical social worker?

· Is this a case when the physician should be called to the telephone because of the threat of an impending suit?

· How could Linda ascertain whether or not this is indeed an emergency? Is it up to her, as a medical assistant, to make such a determination?

· Because this is the patient’s daughter rather than the patient herself, does Linda have any reason to enter into a conversation with the caller? Could Linda be ethically bound by confidentiality not to admit the woman’s mother is a patient?

Duties and Responsibilities of Medical Assistant Staff According To American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) Guidelines

Part A

Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) implies that as clinical support, one can perform all roles suitable for medical practice and not limited to injection administration, ordering medical supplies, helping the staff physician, blood drawing, assist with other office works as required and offering education to patients. There are so many questions regarding CMA experience necessities and whether one’s job is deemed eligible for the certification. The qualifying experience quest for a position that needs judgment and occasionally employing principles of clinical management. This certification requires proficiency where the applicant must qualify some of the requirements to train for the certification. Considering Kayla is training at for a CMA, it means that she had passed the requirements for the certification. Among the requirements include portable EKG testing experience; the function of the electrocardiogram is to measure the electoral activity of the heart from how fast the hearts beat to its efficiency of the chambers to conduct electrical energy (Lindh et al., 2013). The supporting clinical staff should also be motivated and flexible. An EKG assists physicians diagnose emergencies such as a regular heart attack and where one has high pressure the EKG shows the enlargement of the heart as a result of extra pumping of the blood.

American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) is the sole medical assisting certification requiring graduation from postsecondary medical assisting program certified by a certification body acknowledged in the United States. AAMA aims to offer the medical assistant with certification, credential acknowledgment, support for quality patient health care and education. According to AAMA, there are several responsibilities that its associates it medical supporting staffs which include administrative duties and clinical duties. As a clinical duty, a medical supporting is supposed to perform electrocardiograms and preparing medications as directed by a physician (Blesi, 2016). Under the above scope, a Kyla is only supposed to perform electrocardiograms but not explain to them as directed by the physician. First, it’s the duty of the Kyla to answer telephones that she did by answering Dr. Hsu phone call as it lies under the responsibility of the medical assistant. As per the document AAMA guidelines, a medical assistant is only supposed to perform duties that are in line with his or scope of work. Dr. Hsu telling Kyla to interpret the electrocardiograms result is beyond Kyla scope of work, and she has no right to interpret the results. Although there is a clinical duty that Kyla is supposed to perform in assisting the physician during exams, interpretation electrocardiograms go beyond her scope of work as it is not documented as part of the assisting duties. Interpretation of electrocardiograms results is very critical as it requires a specialist to do so like Dr. Hsu as the interpreted results will help a cardiologist determine if some parts of the heart are overworked or enlarged. Kyla is supposed to respond to Dr. Hsu by rejecting the duty to interpret the results. Dr. Hsu should understand the complexity of the analysis and that the results require qualified personnel for the cardiologist to make the accurate conclusion of Mrs. Warner heart problem. In case the results are misunderstood, the cardiologist may also offer the wrong conclusion of the heart problem leading to wrong medication. This may hold Dr. Hsu responsible and liable in the AAMA guidelines for directing Kyla to interpret the electrocardiograms which are beyond her scope of clinical duties.

Part B

Most incensed customers some of the time expects one to think before expressing what ought to be done next. Give them that time perfect from the soonest beginning stage – successfully tuning in to the discord so you can get to the fundamental issue and a possible course of action. Try not to Answer Emotion with Emotion; It is anything but difficult to get enthusiastic when someone gets angry with you. In any case, the enraged customer on the opposed side of the counter or phone line is likely not unglued at you – yet somewhat incensed at your association.

What Linda ought to have done as soon she got the telephone call to diffuse the circumstance was influenced the little girl’s patient to feel good, and she completely well took administer to the medicinal staff alongside question to realize what was the crisis and exchange the call to one of the enrolled attendants for prompt help. Additionally, a way for Linda to counter a high volume from a customer is a low one that seepages calm and resilience. By a comparable token, watch your tone when you are responding to an incensed customer.

Indeed, it is unmistakably for this case this call ought to pass it into one of the enlisted nurture since they are the one with the learning who can give the girl’s patient the main right hand on what to do amid her crisis, while the specialist could restore her call. Truly they should pass it on to the therapeutic social laborer since they are knowledgeable about such circumstances.

Indeed, the specialist ought to be quickly told about the call and how the little girl ‘s persistent felt and her charges of sue if her call isn’t viewed as a crisis and dealt with as needs are of the circumstance. Indeed he should come because a claim is something intense and may cause lose the notoriety of the place.

The main route for Linda to know regardless of whether this is a crisis, she ought to ask the little girl’s patient guide inquiries to partner distinguish the kind of crisis and how the patient could help. Linda as a therapeutic collaborator has the experience and the learning to understand how to deal with and decided whether the patient life is in peril. Truly because she has experienced appropriate preparing as a medicinal preparing and being allocated to accepting calls needs a man who is very much educated and can detect a crisis from afar.

Indeed, as indicated by HIPPA if the patient can’t talk and their life is in peril anybody can look for their therapeutic consideration too to know the determination of the patient. For this situation, Linda ought not have any moral or classification results for conceding or drew in a discussion with the patient’s girl on the grounds that the patient most likely was not in condition to talk for herself and furthermore if the little girl called implies she was at that point approved by the patient to settle on any choices about her mom. Like a little girl she has the privilege to know however Linda ought not to uncover everything to her in spite of her being the little girl. She should tune in and comfort the kid and guarantee her that there is no reason to worry.


Lindh, W. Q., Pooler, M., Tamparo, C. D., Dahl, B. M., & Morris, J. (2013). Delmar’s comprehensive medical assisting: administrative and clinical competencies. Cengage Learning.

Blesi, M. (2016). Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies. Cengage Learning.

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