Management And Applications Worksheet


The driving question behind this activity is “How can I apply key concepts from Management for success in school and my career?”

This activity can help you understand and apply key management concepts and tools from this week’s materials to identify opportunities for becoming more efficient and effective at work while you pursue an MBA. By completing the provided worksheet, you will gather concepts, resources, and tools for building future assignments, and that can provide immediate benefits in your job and relationships, including the following:

Identify and apply course concepts for success at school, work, and community.
Enhance credibility and assure integrity by supporting your ideas with research.
Automate management of research and attributions to save time, establish credibility, and ensure integrity of your work.
Proactive Time Management

Since many of the concepts in this course may be new or presented in a different perspective than your experience, consider starting to work on this early in the week. Learning has a time component; so, relying on just-in-time management to complete the assignment and other weekly activities might get the job done, but you may miss learning value available through the exercise, while you risk missing deadlines designed to keep you focused and on track.

Required Resources

Garner, S. (Producer), & Boland, M. (Director). (2011). Management styles explained [Video]. Films on Demand. Retrieved from

Kinicki, A., & Williams, B. K. (2016). Management: A practical introduction (17 ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

Recommended Attribution Tools

Attributions: Become an Instant APA Expert
Attributions: Add a Citation and Create a Bibliography [Microsoft]
Attributions: Create a References Cited Page [Microsoft]

Complete each empty cell in the Management Concepts and Applications Worksheet to define and apply key concepts from this week’s materials, as follows:

Define. In the Define column, explain the concepts using course materials or other credible sources.
Keep your definitions brief, 50 to 75 words.
Success tip: Do not copy and paste definitions; make sure the definitions represent your own learning with proper citations.
Cite. In the Cite column, provide an in-text citation for your concepts.
This assignment should include at least two sources: the Management textbook and the “Management styles explained” video.
Success tip: Do not pull your definitions off Internet searches. Using the premium resources you’re paying for will help you tap value for your tuition investment, improve your learning, and assure the integrity of your work.
Competency tip: Use the Microsoft® Word Citations & Bibliography features under the Microsoft® Word References tab to automate your referencing.
Enter the details about your sources under Manage Sources. Make sure you select Style > APA.
Use Insert Citation to insert your citation at the point of every borrowed idea. You will also use the Bibliography > References for the References Cited section at the end of the document.
Apply. In the Apply column, answer each question, focusing on how you can apply the concept for success in your MBA program or in your career.
Keep your responses brief, no more than 100 words per cell.
Build a References Cited page in APA format.

Make sure you have entered your sources using the Manage Sources option under the References tab, and inserted citations using the References > Insert Citation feature.
Place your cursor under the References heading at the end of the worksheet.
Under the References heading at the end of the worksheet, select Bibliography > References. This will automatically build your References Cited list using the information you entered using the Manage Sources option.
For the final touch, make sure you have selected Style > APA under the References tab.
Competency Tip: The initial application of the Microsoft® Word References tab might seem a bit confusing, but the feature will save you many hours of work in the program by allowing you to automate the tedious attribution process, and help you integrate research across all your courses. Once you’ve entered a source under Manage Sources, that source will be available for you to apply across all papers in the course and program. For a demonstration of how to input and apply APA formatted citations and references, see Attributions: Become an Instant APA Expert.

MGT521_r15_wk1_research-worksheet_WORKSHEET1.docxManagement Concepts for Success 2

Applying Management Concepts for Success at School and Career [Your Name] University of Phoenix, School of Business Management MGT/521 [Faculty Name] [Date]
MGT/521 Week One Concepts and Applications Worksheet



Summarize (50-75 words per response)



Apply (50-75 words per response)

Definition of management

How can you apply the definition of management to better perform in your job?

The functions of management

How can you apply the functions of management to be more efficient and effective in integrating your MBA pursuit with work and family?

Differences among the four levels of management [hint: pyramid]?

Where are you on the management pyramid? What is your strategy for advancing up the pyramid while pursuing your MBA?

Skills exceptional managers need

Considering the skills exceptional managers need, what are your strengths and weaknesses? How will you cultivate those skills at school and work?

Roles that managers must play

Considering the three types of managerial roles defined by Mintzberg, what actions should you take to fulfill your role as an effective and efficient manager?

Difference between a fixed mind-set and a growth-mindset

Do you have a fixed mind-set or a growth mind-set? How will developing and strengthening a growth mind-set help you to become more successful at school, work, and family?

Management theory (Identify three)

What management theory most aligns with your preferred management style? How might shifting your preferences make you a better manager?

References Cited

[After entering your sources into the Word References > Manage Sources tool, place your cursor here, then do the following:

1. Select the Microsoft Word References Tab

2. Select “Style > APA”

3. Select “Bibliography > References”

If you have correctly entered your source information into the Microsoft Word References > Manage Sources tool, you should see a correctly formatted reference cited list here. Make sure you delete the instructions before you submit your assignment]

Content = 80%


Partially Met

Not Met


Defined key concepts in management, including: Definition of management; The functions of management; Differences among the four levels of management [hint: pyramid]; Skills exceptional managers need; Roles that managers must play; Difference between a fixed mind-set and a growth-mindset; Management theory.

Definitions represented your learning by properly paraphrasing quoting, and citing sources; you did not copy and paste the definitions into the table.

Tapped learning value for tuition investment, established credibility, and enhanced integrity by supporting definitions with research from the required materials, with proper citations. BONUS: Used the Word References feature to Manage Resources and Insert Citations.

Applied each concept for success in MBA program and career by providing a brief response to each question in the “Apply” column of the worksheet.

Applied and cited the required resources, including the “Management: A practical introduction” textbook and the “Management styles explained” video.

Provided a References Cited Page using APA formatted references. BONUS: Used the Word References feature to Manage Resources and build References.


Writing = 20%


Partially Met

Not Met


Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.

Follows rules of grammar and usage, including correct spelling, and punctuation.

Properly cites and references sources using APA format. BONUS: Automated attribution by using the Word References feature to Manage Sources, Insert Citation, and Build your References Cited page.


Brent Duncan, PhD Administrative Faculty

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