management case study

Bring a paper/printed copy of the case AND CHECKLIST to the class in which it is due AND submit the case on Blackboard by the beginning of class 1″ margins Font=12 pt, Times New Roman Single-Spaced 1 page and 1 page only. Anything beyond 1 page will not be considered. Do NOT write the question out at the top of the page (or at all). Use proper grammar and punctuation Spell everything correctly Do NOT use contractions (e.g. don’t-do not) The headline should simply contain your name, section, and date. Use terms learned in class where applicable and BOLD them. The format should be 1) argument or applicable concept 2) definition 3) application to case When referring to a company, use it/its (not they/their/them) Spell the company’s name right! Answer the question in BOLD on the syllabus completely–do NOT focus on other topics Do not include personal experiences It may help to imagine that you are a consultant writing to an executrive. Focus on analysis vs. summary. I’ve read the case; no summary necessary. Your FIRST sentence should be your answer to the question. No traditional introduction necessary. Take a stand–Be definite in your recommendation. ‘Why’ is more important than ‘what’ – After stating your recommendation, spend the rest of the time explaining how you arrived at it. The quality of your arguments and logic is far more important than your specific recommendation. (A perfect recommendation poorly supported is still a weak paper.) Avoid “I think/feel/believe/etc…” statements. Stay within the case. This is NOT a research paper. Do not base your arguments on information that is not in the case or is from a later point in time. Do not Google the organization to “see what happened”. Even if you find out, what the organization actually did is not necessarily the best solution to the problem. You may have noticed that organizations frequently do things that are strategically questionable and difficult Avoid “fluff” words (e.g. just, very, extremely, really, etc.) Feel free to use subheadings if they help you stay organized. Write clearly and concisely. Avoid repetitive/redundant statements. Submit paper on Blackboard Bring a paper copy to class PROOF READ your paper! It could be the difference between a 7 and an 8. Avoid quoting the case. Avoid “according to the case” or similar statements.

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