Management Decision Making in an international market

Management Decision Making in an international market
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This assignment addresses key aspects of the Management Decision Making in an international market, notably the globalised markets of the Twenty-First century. The aim of this assignment is for you to practically apply the knowledge acquired throughout the semester in class. The semester topics outline:
Managerial Decision making process
Economic principles and management decision making
Demand and supply estimations and forecasting
Concept of Elasticity
Production functions and cost estimation
Market structures and pricing strategies
Financial and investment decisions and cost of capital
Macroeconomic Environment of Business
Government regulations and management decisions
It should allow you to analyse and develop that knowledge with reference to a specific country.
In this respect you are to approach the essay as a response to an investment inquiry by an individual with a global multi-asset portfolio who wishes to expand their interests further through the expansion into any viable sector of an economy, e.g. retail, property, manufacturing, fashion, mining, agriculture sectors etc. Therefore, through analysis you are going to advise the investor on which sector or sectors should be invested into in the country of your choice. You can assume that the investor in question has limited knowledge of investment analysis but has substantial capital to invest.
You are encouraged to choose a country for investigation where the market is developed/developing, with a strong economy and this should also be a country for which you will be able to source sufficient information to complete the report to the expected level of detail.
Your written essay (in detail) should consider:
• The national economy of the country in question and how it is situated within the global economy.
• The chosen market within this economy, again including a global and national perspective.
• A discussion on the nature of the market and the various sub-sectors within it.
• How the market can be analysed to assist your investor.
• Evidence of recent investor behaviour and comparable evidence drawn from other portfolios.
• Assessment of the positives/negatives associated with particular sub-sectors
• Aspects of risk and return and their manifestation in that market.
• Market efficiency, government role and the transparency of the chosen country’s market.
• Any particular cities or investment opportunities which may be potential investment opportunities.
• Consideration of why the investor should choose a specific sector in that particular country. How is the analysis you are providing helpful?
Your answer should be in essay format,concise, focused and demonstrating a clear line of argument.
Essays should demonstrate a deep understanding of issues, techniques and practicalities based on an in-depth reading of available relevant literature. A good essay will be a well-structured, clear, and imaginative. It will be a product of well managed work and should demonstrate that all management decision making considerations in international context have been met to a very high level.
Please be critical in your analysis of both the market and the literature utilised and ensure that your conclusions reflect your analytical findings.
Planning, layout and effective presentation of relevant information are vital to fluid, well written essays. Feel free to include graphs, diagrams and any necessary appendices.
The essay should be referenced in Harvard style throughout. Although if you are referencing websites in the body of the text, please use a footnote for the full URL so as not to clutter the main body of the report.

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