Management Theories and the Workplace Discussion Questions

Discussion questions: Responses MUST be at least 150 words or more with references

Use Text book for response

1. Management: What It Is, What Its Benefits Are

2. What are the rewards of being an exceptional manager?

3. What Managers Do: The Four Principal Functions

4. What would I actually do—that is, what would be my four principal functions—as a manager?

5. Seven Challenges to Being an Exceptional Manager

6. Challenges can make one feel alive. What are seven challenges I could look forward to as a manager?

7. Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?-

8. What are the levels and areas of management I need to know to move up, down, and sideways?

9. The Skills Exceptional Managers Need

10. To be a terrific manager, what skills should I cultivate?

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