Social marketing uses a range of techniques and approaches, to build awareness about a social issue and works to change people’s behavior in a clearly defined and positive way. Its aim is to achieve a particular ‘social good’. Some examples of this include telling a teenager to wear a condom, don’t smoke, get a mammogram or recycling. While it does not seek commercial benefits, it uses many of the same methods as commercial advertising and marketing.
You will be taking the components of integrated marketing to create a social marketing communications plan. You and your teammates can select one of the global challenges outlined above or a social issue your team feels passionate about. A template will be provided to walk you through the necessary steps needed to accomplish your objective of creating a social marketing plan.
In addition to the presentation you will be responsible to submit an individual paper. The paper should integrate portions of your presentation but also include any ideas that you feel that didn’t make the group presentation. Because this project was focused on changing behavior state what you learned the most about the issue you chosen and how it changed your perspective as a person and as a marketer.
The paper would consist of 4 pages double-spaced. The integrated marketing communications plan must include: (1) a “signature creative piece” that will specify the brand message and means of delivery to be used as the platform for the campaign; (2) a discussion of how supporting marketing communication functions will be utilized to maximize effectiveness; (3) rationale supporting the proposed creative development; (4) a proposed media plan that includes a timeline for the launch of the campaign and its specific elements; (5) an accounting for how the budget will be allocated among the selected marketing communication functions; (6) a discussion of anticipated results and means for evaluating the proposed campaign.

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