Master level research

Using Rural Hospitals as the business Naturally, rural hospitals need to make money to survive and thrive. In order to maximize profits, it is important that companies take into consideration their customers/clients when making business decisions. This includes knowing the following:

· Who the customer is (demographics = D)

· What their needs and wants are (NW)

· What their purchase behaviors entail (PB)

· Their likes and dislikes (LD).

Prepare a list of at least 20 questions that would help you learn more about your potential customers/clients.

· Create a two column table (you can use Excel or Word). Column 1 should be labeled “Question” (and it is in this column you list each of your questions). Column 2 should be labeled “Information,” and should include what type of data (D, NW, PB, LD) each question will provide you.

· Write 1-2 paragraphs that provides an explanation of the content of the table. Explain how you will use the data from the table to better understand your customers

You may use scholarly resources to help you formulate your questions; if you do, you must properly cite all resources in APA and include them on a reference page. All citations and references must be in proper APA formatting.

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