Media Ethics Signature Assignment Case Study

Please read rubric and attached documents

For your Case Study Response Paper #3 due during week 6, learners should consult the blog: and find one post that you find particularly interesting and that specifically relates to our course.

Each Case Study Response Paper should be at least four pages in length (not counting bibliography) and include the following:

1. A factual summary of the ethical dilemma, approximately one page in length. You may wish to consult outside sources to gain more contextual information about the dilemma, particularly if it is of national or international importance. This section should not include any “I/you” pronouns.

2. Discuss why you chose this particular ethical dilemma. You should include an explanation and reflection about why you find this particular case study interesting and relevant to your own personal experience. Approximately one page in length.

3. Your personal evaluation of the problem the media practitioner faced. This portion may be combined with point #2 above, if applicable. It should be at least 1 to 1-1/2 pages in length.

4. Your recommendation for successfully dealing with dilemma. You should consult outside sources, such as our course textbook, The New York Times’ “Ethical Journalism” handbook, and NPR’s Ethics Handbook to support your strategy and your justification for this approach.

Approximately 1 to 1-1/2 pages in length. 5/12/2016 5. A complete bibliography of all works consulted and cited in your paper. (minimum four scholarly or professional sources.)

The sources you choose must be .gov, .mil., .edu, or other such legitimate sites. Wikipedia, wikihow, or other such sites are not allowed. If you are unsure about a source, please contact your instructor. Also, please consult: for information on how to cite your sources correctly. (This page does not count towards the four-page minimum for the assignment.)


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