Media Influences on Adolescent Development: Health/Fitness.

What influences do you think? There are two sides of this question : the negative influences and the positives.
Some negative influences include the media portraying a certain body type that is unrealistic for most people to achieve. This could lead to serious consequences such as dangerous dieting, eating disorders, or the use of drugs and steroids in order to build a “perfect” body. This could also lead to serious depression, overdose, and even suicide in those who fail at their attempt to be “perfect and beautiful.”

Television also influences snacking and the wrong food choice leading to obesity and other chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Adolescences see commercial after commercial for fast food and junk and naturally are influenced to eat this.

As for the positives, some include the exchange of ideas over the Internet which can lead to healthier lifestyles. An example is an online diet group called My Fitness Pal, where people can exchange recipes, exercises and discuss their successes and failures when it comes to dieting. For some, this can be a tremendous source of inspiration, both young and old.

Other health and fitness sources include instant medical advice from places like the Mayo Clinic and even access to a variety of fitness and exercise videos. Sometimes teenagers have questions that they are embarrassed to ask, and with the use of media sources, they can access information and have what they need.

Media can also influence adolescences to play sports which leads to better health and fitness. Young children admire athletes and want to be like them. By watching them play their sport, they are positively influenced and challenged to do so. This can lead to a lifetime of good messages about health and fitness currently have on adolescent development?

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