memorandum on theories and data 1

You have been directed by your supervisor to prepare a memorandum which includes theories, data, and research findings that relate to a crime prevention program or strategy. Your research must include one scholarly article published within the past five years and one credible resource (website or online resource from a reputable source) that includes data on crime that relates to the crime prevention program or strategy. Use the Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) document for guidance. It is highly recommended that you view the Ashford University Library’s Database Search Tips (Links to an external site.) tutorial to aid you in finding articles written in the last five years.

You will then record your research in the format of an Annotated Bibliography. Refer to the elements of an Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.)and/or the Annotated Bibliography Tutorial (Links to an external site.) video for more information. Using the same headers as those in the Sample Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.), fill-out the sections with information that pertains to each of the two selected resources (one scholarly and one credible), all contained in the memo to your supervisor. (It is recommended that you review the Ashford Writing Center’s Writing a Business Memo (Links to an external site.) resource and the Sample Professional/Business Memo (Links to an external site.)).

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