Mitochondria oxidative damage [free-radical] Theory

Phase 1:
You will use the internet to fully explore your topic.
 Mitochondria oxidative damage [free-radical] Theory
Each person will turn in their own Annotated Bibliography & Theory Summary for grading (see Individual Rubric).
Theory Annotated Bibliography
You will examine all of the web links listed below for your theory and go searching for at least 5 additional web sites with information to make an Annotated Bibliography related to your theory. While you may use Wikipedia and references for your own information, they may NOT be included in your bibliography. Record (copy/paste) the URL (http:// address) for each of the provided and each of your additional web sites into APA format using APA Style for Electronic References. You are looking for valid, current, scientific information from a variety of reliable sites. Then, in your own words, write an annotation for each of these sites, with a few sentences describing the site’s main points/purpose, giving evidence of the site’s credibility, and explaining what new information about your theory the site provided.

Click on the links below to begin your Theory WebQuest:
National Institute of Aging

Related Clinical Trials:
National Institutes of Health Clinical TrialsRelated Ethics:
Longevity Meme Difference between Science & Business of Anti-Aging
Theory Summary
Use the information from your Annotated Bibliography to write a summary of your theory. This summary should be 1-2 pages in length, single-spaced typed. Remember your audience here is fellow Biology of Aging students on your team. Be sure to include a clear description of the cellular processes occurring in this theory. Also describe some current (less than 2 years old) research related to this theory. Explain some biotechnology strategies that are either being developed or predicted to be developed in the near future. Describe some real or potential clinical applications and if there are any current clinical trials related to this theory.

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