Mkt 571 Week 3 Customer Relationships and

Mkt 571 Week 3 Customer Relationships and SatisfactionCareer Connection: Customer Relationships and SatisfactionInstructions:You are a marketing manager for a local company and you aredeveloping a plan to improve customer relationships and increasesatisfaction.Select one of the following types of local companies:FloristVeterinarianHealth/Natural Food StoreAccounting/Tax PreparationCreate a 2,100-word (Doesn’t have to be 2100 as long as questions are addressed) Customer Satisfaction Plan in which you includethe following:Explain how each type of business might segment the local marketbased on consumer/business demographic information, behaviors,psychographics (attitudes, interests, and lifestyle), geography, and/orproduct or service benefits. Support your explanation with documentedfacts and statistics.Develop a strategy for attracting the target audience to the selectedbusiness and explain your reasoning using marketing principles andsound marketing concepts. As part of this strategy, select one of thesegments you identified as the main target audience for that business.Develop a strategy for building long-term relationships and strongcustomer loyalty between the selected business and the targetaudience using Customer Relationship Management (CRM), personalcommunications/direct marketing, social media, events, publicity, and/orfrequency marketing/rewards ideas.Explain each strategy and its related goal(s).Discuss some of the tactics that could be used to implement thestrategy with reasons for selecting each tactic.Discuss at least three potential methods of measuring customersatisfaction and loyalty, with examples of the types of questions thatmight be explored if a conversation or survey were to be one of youroptions.Develop one or more messages for initially attracting the targetaudience and then for maintaining a strong, mutually-beneficialrelationship.Cite at least four scholarly references.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.SupportingMaterial:Customer Relationships and Satisfaction Grading




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