motivation reply 1 150 words must use citations

” leader ship is an important and difficult task, and it is the cornerstone of organizational success”(Curtis 2014, Pg 11). When thinking of a leader that I know that uses both task orientation and employee orientation I think of my current chief nursing officer. She has over 100 employees working under her and run to 62 bed nursing unit for a rehabilitation hospital. Every day she make sure that the patient and employees have the resources they need to run the nursing for a smoothly as possible. During the day the chief nursing officer is giving task by the CEO of the hospital and corporate. Leader ship you have to know your employees strengths and weaknesses to be able to effectively lead. The CNO is able to complete her task knowing her staff is there. The feedback she gives us motivate us to continue to succeed and push further.

When I think about my own leadership style, I believe I am more task oriented. As the hospital educator and employee health nurse I have passed that I have to complete. I want to complete the task that I have early and with the best quality I can. “ nurse leaders must earn their status as role models; it doesn’t simply come with the job title”(Seitorivta 2017). And I think about nurses that I woke up to as my role model to help me become the nurse I am today there was a balance between employee and task orientation. Your fellow employees or coworkers have to know you were behind them and understand what they are going through. The task it’s also important because that is why we have the job. “ Great leaders know that communication is two-way, and they create the time and structure in their organization to listen to others, get feedback on their ideas, vision, plan and strategies”(Chamerberlain College of Nursing 2019). Thinking back to my chief nursing officer my first day off orientation. It was a snowstorm we were short staffed by three aides and one nurse. My CNO made a difference that day that changed my thinking on leadership. She changed into scrubs and helped out on the floor. No I don’t mean by watching her passing ice or answering phones. I mean she took patients to the bathroom, gave baths, made beds, passed medications and helped with charting. She communicated with us that day that she understood where we were at. I only hope that one day I will be half the leader she is.


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