Name the three other sinuses used in air resonance to determine your voice characteristics

  1. the nine laryngeal cartilages mentioned in APR:_____

_______________________________________________________________ [all paired]_

  1. Which is unpaired?______________________________ ______________________________________________
  1. Name the sinus in the figure at left ___________ ___________________.


  1. Name the three other sinuses used in air resonance to determine your voice characteristics_____________________________________
  2. The structure below is found in which body cavity? ________________

Airway obstruction surgery in this location is called _______________________

  1. The support structure of the trachea are ________________

These are needed to keep the airway ___________ [open] during lower pressure of inhalation.

7.This parietal pleura  lines the ___________ __ and is fused to the internal thoracic cavity and medially to ____________________.

  1. What large muscle does it overlie at its base? _______________________
  2. The visceral pleurae covers the _____ _________ lobes of the right lung; the _________lobes of the Left lung.
  3. The space between the pleurae is called the _________________, the location of the lowest pressure.
  4. The importance of the highlighted structure is ___________ for the heart to sit in in the left lung.
  5. Examine the pictures of the trachea and bronchi below. Foreign objects falling down the trachea past the larynx would first fall into the left or right bronchus?   ________because ____________ _____________.
  6. Name the highlighted structure below _______________________ __. [Enlarge to see better].
  1. The most stable of the cartilages of the larynx is the ring shaped cartilage, called _______________ __.
  2. Inflammation/infection of the cartilage below _________________ is dangerous in newborns.
  3. The real name for “Adam’s apple” is seen below and called ____”________________________”

Click on the microscope icon and “respiratory epithelium” .  What highlighted structure makes up the escalator in the trachea?  ________________ ____

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