negligence and duty of care

Prior to beginning work on this discussion read Chapters 13 and 14 in Girod (2014) text book, Chapter 3 in Correctional leadership competencies for the 21st century (2014), and the Paul (2015) article from the Denver Post.

Once an individual is detained and in the custody of law enforcement and/or corrections officers, liabilities for the care and treatment of that prisoner falls heavily on the individuals and organization who has assumed custody. Examine the Denver Post article that outlines the situation of a 37-year-old woman who was arrested and booked into jail on a shoplifting charge. Research two additional scholarly and/or credible sources that address the issues reported in the article. (Access the MSCJ Professional Sources Guide (Links to an external site.) for assistance with finding appropriate resources. Also, Ashford University Library definitions (Links to an external site.) of these resource types are provided for your convenience.) Analyze the legal and ethical policies that pertain to law enforcement and corrections officers regarding prisoners who are in custody. Evaluate and describe the ethical issues apparent in the job performance of the officers in this situation, as well as in the response from leadership to those behaviors. Explain how the response by the sheriff might influence future behavior by deputies and the public’s perception of the organization. Support your statements with evidence from your research.

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