Nurses Knowledge of Signs and Symptoms of Delirium

Guideline from Syllabus for paper:

Results: The results should be described, using tables to illuminate the findings. You should not describe again in the writing what the table illustrates; use the narrative to identify key findings. Results include only results, the data…no discussion occurs here!

Summary and conclusions: the summary section is a restatement, so give a brief overview of what you did and what you found, in about two pages. There will be some overlap with earlier sections; that is expected. Remember this section should stand alone: the reader should be able to read just this section and know exactly what you did and what you find. Discuss limitations of your project next; every study has limitations and you want to identify what yours were. Conclusions are general statements about what you learned as a result of completing this project.

Recommendations and implications: for advanced practice are broader and really attempt to generalize what you learned. This is the most creative section of your paper. **When writing this section, be sure to follow the guidelines for what needs to be included here: Discuss any broad implications for practice, policy, research/EBP, education, leadership, and describe implications for advanced practice nursing role. *Be sure to consider/include: diversity; ethical considerations; interdisciplinary practice; innovative healthcare technologies.

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