Nursing assignment 3

After reading this weeks assigned chapters think about your nursing philosophy. In your own words discuss your philosophy of nursing. Reflect on the definition of the four concepts of the nursingmeta-paradigm. Write your own definition for each concept of themeta-paradigmof nursing. Which concept would you add to themeta-paradigmof nursing and why? Which concept would you eliminate and why?
Your paper should be 12 pages in length in APA format typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font and double-spaced with 1 margins. Cite at least one outside sourceusing APA format.
For instance if you were using your text as a resource it would be listed like this on your reference list:
McEwen M. & Wills E. M. (2014).Theoretical basis for nursing(4th ed.). Philadelphia PA:WoltersKluwerHealth/LippincottWilliams & Wilkins.

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