Nursing Curriculum Development

English 1100: FYC
Final Prompt: An Advice Letter to Future Students
After reviewing your writing and work this semester, compose a brief welcome and advice letter of 500-750 words (approximately 2-3 double spaced pages) directed at future students in English 1100. You can use a tone that would be appropriate of a letter, which means this doesn?t have to be academic writing?it can absolutely be more conversational. In this letter, share with these future students what you?ve learned in the course and advice you have for them as they undertake the (sometimes dreaded!) first-year composition requirement. Some questions you might touch on (though feel free to ignore these questions and just write from your own ideas and experiences too):
a. What kind of writing does this class ask students to undertake?
b. What is both satisfying and challenging about this writing?
c. What assignment was your favorite and why? Least favorite? Essays was my favorite and journals was least
d. More than the just the assignments, how have you grown and changed as a writer?
e. What you have you learned that will stick with you?
f. How have your ideas about writing (and language use and literacy more generally) changed in this course? How is that change reflected in your writing?
g. What advice would you offer future students so they succeed in this course?

? We will not be drafting this paper or conducting peer review in class (as the remainder of our time will be devoted to the Critical Literacy Narrative), so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to discuss this final assignment.

? We will not be meeting during finals week; this assignment is intended to take the place of that session. ?

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