Nursing Hotlines

With the United States leading in terms of health care spending it comes at no surprise that there are some major issues that are effecting the health workforce as well as the health care delivery system as a whole. When it comes down to it the health care industry is a business and like the goal of any business it is trying to make the most money it can. Also like any other business or corporation, it is governed by rules and policies that restrict operations. The health care industry being the business it is will try to gain the most money and do what is most beneficial to them under these rules a policies. If there is no incentive to change and innovate provided by these rules and policies then why would a business oriented industry make any changes at a cost to them with no reward? With that being said, I think there is a large responsibility on the policy makers to try to combat the soaring costs of health care. That could mean more implementation of policy is some areas as well as removing policy in some areas. Policy makers are not the sole reason as to why health care is so expensive but there is a large role they play. 

One way our local health care provider is striving to lower the cost of health care is simply by providing education to the public as well as developed things like “nursing hot lines”. These hot lines are just a number you can call to speak to a real nurse about health care issues that do not necessarily warrant an emergency room visit but you still think requires care. The nurse will advise you on whether or not you should go to an emergency room or visit a doctor based on your conversation. This could save people a lot of money from going to a doctors office just to be told they need water and rest. This hot line provides a screening process prior to getting to the doctor and cuts costs and wait times at the doctors office. 

150 word minimum.

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