Nursing roles in healthcare and policies

Strictly APA by the publication manual of the American psychological association 6th edition second practice. Write in Third person only. Special attention to the reference page, full reference. Verb/noun agreement. DNP [doctor of nursing practice level writing). Introduction and conclusions required. Use headings when needed. Thesis statement pivotal, conclusion critical. Please look at objectives below. Follow grading rubric strictly.

NU 610 Guidelines for Role Paper
The purpose of this paper is to explore the advanced practice nurses’ role in relation to healthcare policy, politics, and advocacy (Unit 1 objective).
The paper should be carefully written in formal style, based on primary resources, provide an integration of ideas. Organized flow, logical progression of ideas, and clarity in thought are essential. Paper should be no more than 3 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference page. Liberal number of references (minimum of 8 references).
Grading Rubric

Introductory paragraph (one paragraph). There must be a thesis statement that tells the reader purpose of paper and what will be discussed.
Identify and discuss driving forces propelling the advanced practice nurse into the healthcare policy, politics, and advocacy arena.
Discuss ways the advanced practice nurse can influence and advocate for healthcare policy and politics.
Discuss the role of professional nursing organizations.
Conclusions: Summarizes the essential points of the paper in one paragraph.
Total Points

0.25 point = each APA, grammar, punctuation, and spelling error
1 point = Document not submitted as pdf, or not named per file naming policy (see syllabus)
1 point = No turnitin report, paper and turnitin report not merged, or not merged in correct order
1 point = Over the page limit
Up to 20% of points = for lack of scholarship
20% deduction = Plagiarism or incorrect paraphrasing
Please upload your paper into the designated Assignment. Name your document per the course file naming policy, merge turnitin report, and submit as a single pdf document. Assignments not submitted properly will not be graded. If this occurs, you will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to resubmit correctly (after 48 hours pass, deductions will be made for late submission).
Papers must be submitted to and students are to review the report generated by this software system. Students will be given the opportunity to submit revisions of the paper to The final report is to be saved as a pdf document and merged with the paper (in other words, you will be submitting one document).
The faculty is really sticklers about plagiarism, nonintentional and otherwise. We take this very seriously and are actively checking assignments. Submit your paper to in adequate time to get multiple reports back, if needed. The first report comes back very quickly. Subsequent reports, if you need to resubmit because your similarity index is high, take longer 24 hours, maybe more. Of course, 0% similarity is best, but realistically there will be names of people, reports, commissions, groups, models, books etc. that come back highlighted.

These are nothing to worry about since we cannot change these things (faculty do not worry
about those and neither should you). What we look for is text/content that comes back
highlighted and matches another source (even if the content is referenced appropriately). The
turnitin report is to be used as a learning tool, therefore, it is essential that you look at the report’s
percentage as well as what is highlighted. Simply looking at the score does not determine
whether sentences or correct paraphrasing was done, it only tells you a number. You need to look
at the specific areas highlighted. Look at your work and see what content is highlighted and
determine if you can change the wording without changing the meaning. If you can, then you
need to re-word accordingly. If your paper is similar to another student’s work, and you feel there
was no way you could have known this person used these same words, you still need to revise
your wording. Each student’s submission to turnitin is unpublished at the time, and could
potentially be published, just as your own work could be published. At some point, if you were
to submit your work for publication and not revise the content highlighted originally in your
turnitin report, a plagiarism violation could occur if the other student’s work is also published.
Delete your title page and reference pages before submission so you can get a true snapshot of
your paper and possible problem areas. Use the revision opportunities with if you
have highlighted areas of similar content. Instructors check those and there’s no need to have a
red flag on your paper. Also, refer to the section in the APA formatting manual about plagiarism,
it has some good points. is another good resource.
Scholarship Expectations
Up to 20% of points will be deducted from grade for lack of scholarship. Scholarship is
evidenced by organized and logical progression of ideas; effort and attention to detail is evident;
communicates effectively all aspects of discussion. Correct grammar, spelling, and word choice.
Liberal number references (minimum of 4 references). References are current, appropriately
paraphrased, and cited. Correct use of APA. Correct title page.
You are clinical nurse scholars in the making. You are the advanced practice nurses/DNPs and
members of the highly literate profession of advanced practice nursing who will chart the future
of health care. Good writing ability is as much a required skill for nurses in advanced practice as
performing clinical functions. Therefore, precision and scholarship is expected in all
UNIT objectives
Broadly outline the history of healthcare, policy, politics, and nursing in the United States
2. Discuss the regulatory, legal, and credentialing requirements for Advance Practice Nurses (APN).
3. Discuss the advanced practice nurses’ role in relation to healthcare policy, politics, and political advocacy.
4. Outline the legislative policy process – how a bill becomes a law.

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