Organisational Context of HR: Relevance of Scientific Management Today (Essay Sample)

You are required to answer the following question:
‘Scientific management is still relevant today’. Discuss and critically evaluate this statement using case studies and the appropriate theory to inform your assertions.
Your answer should be 2,500 words (+/- 10%) and presented as an essay. Within the online module there are a number of sources listed that will be useful in researching and compiling your answers but you should seek out additional material that is relevant to your chosen question. Please note that all sources used should be referenced using the APA referencing system. You should seek to include at least ten references within your essay. Please note this essay consists of 50% of the overall grade.
Please consult the marking criteria before writing your essay and note the requirement to evaluate and analyse material rather than simply describing it. You should also aim to present an essay that contains a coherent and well-structured argument which clearly addresses the specific question posed. Please do not present generalised answers which make little attempt to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant material and/or fail to reach any conclusions.


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