organizational asset analysis of a research paper about the relationship between social media use and student farm in wa

The Organizational Asset Analysis is an opportunity to consider your internship site’s strengths and challenges and produce a 500 word summary of your findings.

The research paper I’m going to write is about the social media use and student farm in WA, especially about University of Washington (UW farm) and other universities’ student farm. For example, I wrote about how the staff starting posting informations about the farm on social media like facebook and instagram, and attracted more people to join as volunteer or donating or buy food from here. Maybe you can write something like this and talked about the strengths of social media use about it. Also maybe you can talked about it is healthy that more people buy organic food from farm or the importance of organic food. Those are my ideas and feel free to come up with more your ideas, and also some ideas about the challenges.

This is the information about the internship and an information interview I wrote before about the talks I had with the managers of UW farm, and there may be some information you need.

UW farm had accounts on facebook and instagrams, and please do some research about other universities, Thank you!

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