Week 4 Module 2 Assignment: Case Study Analysis
June 21, 2022
The Unemployment Rate
June 24, 2022

Organizational Structure and Culture at Bombas

Organizational Structure and Culture at Bombas

Complete your assigned reading (Chapters 10-13) 




and then read the article below which corresponds to this week\’s discussion topics. Then answer the questions below the article. Use the concepts from the course textbook and the article to support the information in your initial post. It is required you support your initial posts and peer posts with cited information from all the sources you use and provide all the sources in your reference list to meet the APA style requirements.


Organizational Structure and Culture at Bombas

Working at Bombas

Bombas is a comfort-focused apparel brand with a mission to help those in need. For every item purchased, a specially designed item is donated to a member of the homeless community. The company launched in 2013 after the founders learned that socks are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. With millions of pairs sold and donated, Bombas continues to innovate with new apparel while creating a positive impact. Inquisitive people who love to learn, understand the importance of giving, and embrace successes and failures are sure to find a place within the Bombas Hive. Bombas fosters a people-first approach – every decision is influenced by employees to ensure their personal and professional growth, fulfillment, and happiness.

Giving Back Culture

The company’s passion for giving back is deeply embedded in its mission and culture. In addition to donating a specially designed item for every item purchased, Bombas encourages employees to regularly lend a helping hand – and they have multiple ways to do so. Whether it’s the “Giving 101” experience, where new hires do neighborhood sock drops, to the 10-plus monthly volunteer opportunities, a job at Bombas is about more than just showing up for work every day, it’s about making a difference.

Team Spirit

Employees at Bombas, also known as “Hive members,\” are on a collective mission to help those in need. Their shared goal and team spirit helps foster a welcoming work environment, where colleagues develop meaningful friendships. Some popular Bombas team events include biannual retreats and monthly “Hive Hangouts,” like paint nights and ax throwing. Lauren DiGregoria, Director of Acquisition Marketing, says the workplace culture is unlike anything she’s experienced. She was floored by the number of coworkers who wanted to grab coffee and introduce themselves during her first week – a gesture new hires can expect to see.

Benefits at Bombas

Health Insurance and Wellness: 100% employer-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance; monthly health and wellness reimbursementFinancial and Retirement Plans: 401(k) with employer match; equity for full-time employeesVacation and Time Off: Unlimited PTO; flexible WFH policyEducation and Professional Development: company-sponsored professional development assistance program

Marketing Team

Marketing at Bombas

The Bombas Marketing Team is responsible for bringing in new customers and growing their relationship to the company and its products. They work closely with a variety of departments across the business, including Creative, Merchandising, and Data and Analytics. Employees on this team are able to experience growth at the company in a number of ways, including taking on new responsibilities, expanding the scope of their role across additional channels, or potentially moving to other adjacent teams within Bombas.

Pushing Boundaries

Marketing at Bombas is very results-driven – they love learning how to continue improving the way they do things. A desire to push the boundaries and experiment is a critical ingredient to success on this team. A recent project the Marketing Team takes great pride in is a 2019 holiday campaign ad, which was displayed in airport security bins at the Chicago O\’Hare International Airport, and referenced the fact that people were standing in the security line in their socks.

Customer Happiness

Happiness Guaranteed

Bombas is about more than just providing customer service – it’s about honoring a “100% Happiness Guarantee.” Members of the Customer Happiness Team (CHT) have an innovative approach to caring for customers and supporting them through every step of the purchasing process and beyond. They answer questions, help with returns or exchanges, and listen to feedback to inform better company strategy. Their joint mission of making a difference in consumers’ lives leads to a rewarding, team-oriented environment.

Acts of Wonder

A unique project of the CHT is its “Surprise and Delight” moments. In an effort to bring people closer to the Bombas brand, they look for opportunities to provide specially tailored moments to brighten someone’s day. Examples include coordinating a call between their CEO and a customer’s brother who was interested in startups and helping make personalized sock puppets for another customer’s daughter.


The Muse. (2021). Bombas. Daily Muse Inc. https://www.themuse.com/profiles/bombas


Organizational Structure and Culture at Bombas

Answer the following questions:

1. Explain the factors discussed in the course textbook that influence a leader\’s choice when creating an organizational structure. 

2. Explain the different types of organizational structures discussed in the course textbook. Determine the specific type of organizational structure implemented at Bombas. Provide examples. 

3. How does the organizational structure and culture at Bombas affect the way the Bombas\’ employees behave? Please explain. 

4. Explain the concepts related to intrinsically, extrinsically, and prosocially motivated behavior as discussed in the textbook. Discuss the potential sources of extrinsic, intrinsic, and prosocial motivation for the employees at Bombas. Provide specific examples from the Bombas article.


Please read each question thoroughly and answer all questions in their entirety in your initial post. It is important to answer all components of the questions in a comprehensive discussion post. One or two sentence responses are not acceptable. If the question states \’Please explain\’ it is required to include this information. Please note it is required to support your responses with cited information from the sources you used.

Please use the APA 7th ed. format resources found in the ‘Getting Started’ tab under ‘Business Writing and Research APA Formatting Videos’


Discussion assignments will be graded as follows:

Thoroughly answered all of the questions: 40

Quality of responses to two classmates: 20

References to text and/or other sources: 10

Spelling/Grammar at the college level: 10

Posted on 3 separate days: 20

TOTAL: 100 points


Discussion Posts (APA Guidelines)

It is required you support your initial posts and peer posts with cited information from the Jones & George (2022) course textbook, the Case Study article, and professional sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles found in the Online Keiser Library. You may also use other professional business sources. It is required you provide the sources you used in your reference list to meet APA style guidelines. 

It is required to use correct APA 7th ed. format for citing your sources when writing your discussion posts. Please do not provide any direct quotes from your sources. All information used from sources is required to be paraphrased in your own words and cited appropriately. Please include all sources used in the reference list at the end of your posts. In-text citations including narrative and parenthetical citations are required to meet APA style guidelines.

When citing information from the Case Study article cite the reference listed at the end of the article, not the textbook. You should cite the textbook only for the managerial concepts related to the Case Study. 

All sources are required to be published from 2013 to the present.

Remember, sources should include the course textbook, the article in the above Case Study, peer-reviewed journal articles, and professional sources.

The following sources are NOT accepted: Wikipedia, Wiki websites, blogs, encyclopedias, bibliography.com, online books or textbooks, other books or textbooks, dictionaries, other students\’ papers found in online websites, online essays, job search websites, student dissertations, White Pages, videos, and non-professional online websites.

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