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Justine Rollins

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Re:Topic 5 DQ 1

1. How long have you been in a hiring/ director position for the company?

2. How do you go about selecting a candidate that is fitting for the position you’re attempting to fill?

3. How do you create your guidelines for finding the best-suited individual for the positions you’re trying to fill?

4. How do you handle conflict or discrepancies that you may find in resumes or with that specific individual when interviewing for positions?

5. Do you prefer meeting interviews, working interviews, or both? Why?

I met with the individual that hires volunteers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and according to this individual there are many things that go in to the processing of choosing whether an individual is best suited for this specific volunteer opportunity as a family history consultant. Some questions that I believed to be important for this interview includes, how long the individual has worked for the church in this position, the process they use to evaluate individuals for the position, how these guidelines came to be, how to handle discrepancies found on resumes, and the individuals preference in interview styles. The person I interview was Bishop Chadwick; he is in charge of delegating volunteer roles. He stated that he has been in this position for over 20 years, and has developed his own method for analyzing individuals that are seeking to take on a volunteer opportunity in the church. He analyzes their experiences, their current obligations, and their areas of improvement. Bishop Chadwick stated that he likes to delegate roles that will provide the largest learning experience. If he runs into a dilemma with an individual’s experience or unwillingness to take on a specific volunteer opportunity he attempts to understand where they are coming from, and then finds a role that is best suited based off of the individuals needs and the church’s needs. For this specific role in delegating roles within a church, it is not common to do working interviews. The bishop stated that he typically will come up with a few roles before meeting with the individual, and then propose the options and allow the individual to choose where they wish to work. He stated that he likes to lead based off of necessity for the individual and what he feels would be the best situation.

Cathleen Nunez

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Re:Topic 5 DQ 1

Instructor and class,

I spoke with one of the pastors, they all share interviewing responsibilities.

1. I asked what was your best interview experience? He responded that it was when he was the interviewee and the interviewer made it a point to be laid back and open, allowing him to relax and more at ease to talk, it gave them a better chance to get to know each other and see if he would really be a good fit for the position.

2. I asked what was your shortest interview? He said that it was when he brought in a gentleman for an interview whom he had never met, when he walked in he had poor hygiene, wore torn dirty jeans, a t shirt and sneakers, he said he knew the minute he realized he was the interviewee that he was not going to hire him.

3. I asked, what was your worst interview? He said, there have been quite a few but one of the bad ones was probably the one he had that walked in, didn’t make any eye contact during the entire interview, couldn’t answer even basic questions, answered I don’t know to the majority of the questions, it seemed like he had not prepared at all for the interview and what made it so frustrating was that he couldn’t get to know that interviewee who seemed to be a great fit on paper.

4. I asked what was the best interviewee you had? He said that he had a few good ones but definitely the woman who came in with confidence, made eye contact, had answers to every question he had, seemed to be interested in learning about the workplace and what she would get into by working there, almost as if the interview was back and forth.

5. What was the most interesting or surprising interview? He said that there was one interviewee that seemed to be a great fit and as they were wrapping up, he was thinking he would be a good fit and as they shook hands and got ready to leave, he asked if they do drug tests, which in and of itself is not a bad question but after asking if the interviewee had any prescriptions that may conflict with a drug test, he answered no, no prescriptions.

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