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Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph with no more 100 words.
Re:Topic 5 DQ 1

Upon speaking to my manager, who is in charge of interviewing and hiring RN’s on our unit, I really wanted to know if she could sense right away whether or not a person would be a good or a bad fit for our floor. I asked this because the new hires that have been on our floor have been outstanding, with the exception of 1 or 2 of them. I also asked her best interview experience, as well as her worst. I also wanted to know if she had certain time lengths for interviews, or if she preferred to just play them by ear. Finally, I asked her if she had some tips for me, if I wanted to go into a management position, and what kind of advice she would give me.

My manager stated that she usually knows right away whether a person will be a good employee or not. However, she also said that she does like to give people a chance – especially new grads. I appreciated this statement, because I was a new grad when I started at my hospital and I was grateful for the opportunity to just work. She said that if a person is confident in their skills and not cocky, even if they have no experience, she likes to give them a chance. However, if someone comes across as timid, she asks them to come back for another interview. She figures perhaps they’re timid because of nerves, but if they’re still timid then she usually does not push them through. This is because our unit is fast paced, with a very high turnover rate. The acuity of our patients is very high, therefore we need RN’s who are willing to work, and pick up the pace of our floor quickly.

She said she considers some of her worst interview experiences ones where the interviewee doesn’t even bother to show up. They miss the interview completely, without even a call. She considers this to be extremely unprofessional, and a waste of her time. Her best interview experiences are with people who are willing to open up and share with her their passion about nursing, and why they chose to go into this very demanding field. She said that when people are willing to open up and share who they are with strangers, it reflects good character.

As far as time lengths go, my manager says her longest interview was an hour and a half and it was because the person would not stop talking. While she appreciates this, because she is a talker herself, she says she usually likes to keep interviews between 30-45 minutes. This is because she is busy, but also because she says if she does not get a good feeling about a person in that time frame then she makes the decision to not go forward with the hiring process, or she invites them back for a second interview.

My manager told me to go into interviews confident, but humble. Everyone gets where they are in life because someone gave them a chance. She told me that if I really wanted to go into management, I had to be prepared for what it entailed. She said the best interview advice she could give me was to share my passion and show them how much I loved nursing and caring for people. Be genuine, she said, and they will see the best in you.

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Re:Topic 5 DQ 2

The person that I interview in regard to this topic was Bishop Chadwick. He discussed the interview process that he used, and how it was effective for him. He said that he likes to stick to one method, and that is the selection interview process. This consists of different ways to measure an individual’s skill level, such as a quiz, questions, etc. The intention of this is to measure past behaviors as well as current to determine the individual’s readiness for this position. It will allow for the individuals skills and knowledge to shine, making it easier for the interviewer to make their decision.

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