Need paper written. Min 4 pages, Max 5 pages, Min 5 Scholarly article (5 or LESS years), Strict APA format.

This is my Grading Rubric/Instructions:

Introduction and Conclusion:

– Introduction clearly introduces your healthcare policy priority issue and the title or name of your designated legislator.

– Concluding statements summarizing content.

Key Points:

– Identification of all key points of your healthcare policy-priority issue are clearly analyzed and fully articulated.

Empirical Evidence

– Provide an analysis of empirical evidence that supports your chosen healthcare policy issue and analysis.

Impact and Importance to Nursing

– Demonstrate the importance and impact of the chosen healthcare policy issue to nursing.


– REMEMBER to write a conclusion.


-The chosen topic is childhood obesity increasing in school’s due to less importance being placed in kids being active and taking physical educations classes, especially since now most schools are pushing for online physical education classes (WHICH are a joke.).

-For the legislator part, just add the slot where I will input his name and why I chose him/her.

-For issues talk about all the things childhood obesity can cause in a child, such as developing early signs of hypertension, diabetes, lifelong obesity, etc. and also mention how great being active is and how it can promote learning, discipline and a healthier life style.

-For the evidence issue, find something to do with how less focus is being placed in being active in schools and causing kids to live a less active life style causing higher chances/incidences of obesity. Also implement how bringing back nurses into school sites would help acknowledge these students who are obese and unhealthy, helping them establish a plan where they can to avoid long term consequences of obesity at such a young age.

-Empirical evidence part is self-explanatory, just find some evidence articles to back up what you stated above.

-Impact in nursing. Write how nurses will play a great role in identifying theses children to are obese or boarder line obese. How nurses will develop a specialized plan for these children to help them not be obese or develop any secondary problems from it (Like hypertension, diabetes, etc.).

Thank you!

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