Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Compromised

I need 4 clear and quality references each topic so a total of 8 references.

These references need to be current and website based with an author who is current (2008-2018). I need to be able to go to a website and see that actual work.

No google books or Wiki. I need media articles to references and see. Please understand this requirement.

Also this needs to follow APA style and be in 12 Times.

Also I just need the document in a clear well written single spaced. I will do the editing no need to send cover page or double space. I will do that through my review.

Thank you and see the topics below that need addressed.

“Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Compromised ” Please respond to the following:

For many years, we have encountered significant issues associated with PII being compromised. Likewise, we have regulatory requirements and regulatory agencies designed to protect our PII and financial data.
Select one federal bank regulatory agency, and describe its control and governance over the financial industry.
Suggest changes that need to take place, if any given the continued incidents that occur, to better mitigate the number of incidents associated with compromised PII. Provide a rationale for your answer.
“Safeguarding Educational Information” Please respond to the following:

Discuss how students’ educational information is safeguarded. Decide if you believe that the safeguard methods are sufficient, too stringent, or too lenient and support your answer.

Discuss the similarities and the differences in how education records are protected compared to how health information records are protected.

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