Physics  Key Concepts of Confucian Ethics

As you will recall, the concept of Ren, or humanness, is the most  important principle in Confucian ethics. This is the idea of treating  others with compassion. Ren frames all other virtues (both moral and  non-moral).For this assignment, demonstrate your understanding of Ren and  other key concepts of Confucian ethics by choosing one of the following  options:Write a PoemWrite lyrics and/or record a Song (may be an original tune or a parody)Write a script and/or record a TV or Radio CommercialCreate a PowerPoint PresentationCreate a Movie PosterCreate a Travel BrochureWhile you may choose any of the above formats, you must cover some of  the basics surrounding Ren. Include a definition of it, examples of Ren  in everyday life, why Ren is an important tenet in Confucian ethics,  and how does one show Ren towards others?What you submit to the drop box below will vary depending on which  form of expression you choose above. However, it is your responsibility  to ensure that what you submit can be easily viewed by an average person  using a computer equipped with Internet access and Microsoft Office.  Some examples might include:Poem: would likely take the form of a Microsoft Word document.Song: lyrics would likely be done in a Word document.Song: audio recording would ideally be in an MP3 format (to ensure that the file is small enough to submit).TV/Radio Commercial: script would likely be done in a Word document.TV Commercial: video would likely be uploaded to YouTube (or similar) and hyperlink provided in the dropbox.Radio Commercial: audio recording would ideally be in an MP3 format (to ensure that the file is small enough to submit).

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