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1. A car a mass of 400-kg travels at 20 m/s. teh car collides with a stationary truck of mass 1600-kg. The two vehicles interlock as a reslt of teh collision. what is the velocity  of the car-truck system?Equation:numbers plugged in:Simplify:Solve:velocity after collision in units:2. a 50-kg projectile leaves a 2000-kg launcher with a velocity of 800 m/s forward. What is teh recoil velocity of the launcher?Equation:Simplify:Solve:Numbers plugged in:Velocity after collision in units:3. a 24kg dog running at a speed of 3m/s jumps onto a stationary skateboard that has a mass of 3.6 kg.a. what is the momentum after the dog jumps onto the skateboard?b.what is themomentum of the dog and the skateboard together?c. what is the velocity of the dog and the skateboard together (after the dog jumped on it)?d. what is the momentum of the dog before it jumps on the skateboard?e. how long will it take an average force of 9N to stop the skateboard and the dog?

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