1.Using the principle of momentum conservation, explain what happens when a moving billiard ball collides with a stationary ball (cue ball hitting the eight ball).2.Explain the difference between energy and power and how they are related to work. Give examples of each.3.1000 kilogram car is lifted 1 meter.a) What is the potential energy with respect to the floor?b) If the car is lifted 2 meters high, what is the new value of potential energy with respect to the floor?c) Explain the following: Potential energy of an object varies linearly with position (height).4.As you catch a fast-moving fastball, why is it wise to move your hand in the direction of the ball’s motion? Explain in terms of work and energy.5. If a sprinter running at a speed of 10 meters per second could convert his/her kinetic energy into upward motion, how high could he/she jump?6.What various forms of energy are present as you shoot a bow and arrow?7. Answer the following questions:a) If you push a lawn mower across a yard in 10 seconds, how does the work done compare with pushing it across the same yard in 20 seconds? Explain why.c) How does the power for 10 seconds compare to the power for 20 seconds?

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