Physics  PSY hw5

Attached Files:Chapter6_ElectricityWorksheet.xlsx (9.702 KB)In this assignment, you will try to estimate your electric bill. If you don’t receive an electric bill, get one from a relative or friend, and estimate their usage instead. If you share an electric bill with roommates, either estimate all of your usage combined, or else divide up the bill appropriately. Just be clear about what you did.1) Fill in the attached worksheet by choosing at least 10 devices in your home that use electricity. Try to choose the devices that you think use the most energy. For each one,1. Write down what type of device it is. Get specific about the brand and model if possible. Look up the power consumption of the device (in units of kilowatts). If possible, find the power consumption of your specific model, either written on it or using the manufacturer’s website. If not, estimate its power consumption by looking up similar devices online.2. Estimate how long you use the device per day. (Convert this number to hours.)3. Multiply (1) and (2), and you will know the Energy that the device uses per day (in units of kWhr).4. Multiply (3) by your cost to determine the cost to run that device per day.  Look up the cost of a kWhr on your last electric bill. (Be sure to include all costs, including generation and distribution.) Write this in the box at the top of the worksheet.5. Multiply (4) by 30 to get the cost per month.Example:1. Item:  Laptop Computer.Model: HP ElitebookPower consumption of 30 Watts = 0.03kW2. Use:  4 hours per day3. Energy: (0.03) x (4) = 0.12 kWhr per day4. Using $0.15 per kWhr as an example. Cost: (0.15) x (0.12) = $0.018 or 1.8 cents per day5. Cost: (0.018) x (30) = $0.54 per monthTotal all of your esimated costs in the box at the bottom right of the worksheet.Suggestions for other devices to try:Heating and cooling devices (AC, electric space heaters)Cable BoxModem/RouterLight bulbRefrigeratorKitchen AppliancesHair/Grooming AppliancesCell PhoneWasher/DryerVacuum CleanerThe attachment is chapter 6 powerpoint.

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